Happy Easter Day with a lovely pic sending by Svetlana ♥

Today is the Easter Day, Happy Easter Day to ALL, although I am not a Christian and don’t celebrate this holiday.
Attched a lovely picture sending from Zhenya’s Mom Svetlana, she told me in her recent letter, in Russia they will make an Easter bread and paint eggs different colors. That’s a Russian orthodax tradition. The bread looks delicious and the eggs sooo beautiful <333

May God Bless EVERYONE

with Love from Taiwan

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3 Responses to Happy Easter Day with a lovely pic sending by Svetlana ♥

  1. Michel says:

    Also from me a happy Easter to all here ♥, and especially to Svetlana ♥ and Evgeniya ♥. As Lutherian, I celebrate Easter of course too, but for me, Good Friday was already the important church day in the year. May God bless you all my friends ♥.

    What you, Lord, bless, that is blessed for eternally.
    – 1. Chronicles 17,27 (Old Testament, Luther Bible)

  2. Thanks Joao ❤
    Honest speaking, I am now love a bit more Svetlana than Zhenya, Svetlana is my favorite and Zhenya is the 2nd…:D

  3. João Lucas Nunes says:

    Here, we have almost the same tradition. Happy easter for everyone. May God bless you in this easter.

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