RUS Gymnasts Photos Exhibition “Two Sides of Medal” is Open in GUM

News on 18-Mar-2011
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English translated by Tatiana (Many Thanks!!! ♥♥♥)

The exhibition “Two Sides of Medal” is open now on the 3rd row of GUM (Note by Tatiana: GUM is a department store, shopping center, it’s just by side of red square and it’s very very expensive!). This exhibition was organized by BOSCO Sport, photographer Oleg Naumov,  art-director Elena Ivanova-Tagirova together with Russian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Photos of the famous Russian gymnasts, World and Olympic champions are displayed next way: picture of gymnast during training is on the one side of stand while on another side we can see the same gymnast during fashion photo session.

Yana Lukonina, Daria Dmitrieva, Daria Kondakova, Evgenia Kanaeva and other gymnasts participated in this project.

One and a half-minute of grace, elegance, superiority and movement precision it’s when each finger of hand has its own, learnt by heart and played thousands of times partitura* (Note by Tatiana: partitura (in theatre) is set of lines of behaviour (act) of acting characters of play. I couldn’t find normal translation for that word, so I wrote it original name in italian “partitura”).

There are 10 years of life, sweat, tears, bruises, injuries hidden behind this ease of beauty. Rhythmic gymnastics is one of the most impressive, artistic and spectacular sports. And the Russian gymnasts proved to be the best since long time ago, they have no equals . Their beauty and success are admired around the world! Their names and faces are well known.

BOSCO sport is a partner of Russian Federation of RG since 2006. It provides outfit for national and youth teams of Russia, and also for the coaches and officials of federation. This friendship is many years old. Because success is beautiful itself. And beautiful clothes encourage, help to perform beautifully and win beautifully.

Authors of this project: photographer Oleg Naumov is one of the most called-for sport photographers (in demand) and art-director Elena Ivanova-Tagirova (art group studio NOIV). They managed to unite 2 genres: sport reportage and fashion-photo. The moment, captured by camera, conveys delicately and precisely character and temperament of each gymnast and also leaves in memory inimitable images.

check photos @my photobucket account
RUS Gymnasts Photos Exhibition-18Mar2011

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俄羅斯RG選手相片展: 『一面獎牌二種風貌』在GUM開幕了
中譯:Zoe Wan

展覽 『一面獎牌二種風貌』已經在GUM購物中心的三樓開幕,(Note by Tatiana:GUM 是在莫斯科紅場附近的大型百貨公司,購物中心,那裡東西非常昂貴!). 這個展覽是由BOSCO Sport、攝影師 Oleg Naumov、藝術總監 Elena Ivanova-Tagirova 以及俄羅斯韻律體操協會聯合主辦。


Yana Lukonina、Daria Dmitrieva、Daria Kondakova、Evgenia Kanaeva以及其他選手參與這個拍攝計畫。



BOSCO Sport從2006年開始成為』俄羅斯RG體操協會的合夥夥伴。他們提供國家隊、青年隊、還有教練跟協會官員全套服裝。這個友誼已經很多年了。因為成功本身就是美麗的,而漂亮的衣服能鼓勵跟幫助選手做出美麗的表演,並帶來漂亮地勝利。

這個計畫的主導者:攝影師 Oleg Naumov是最有名的運動類攝影師之一。藝術總監 Elena Ivanova Tagirova ( Note by Tatiana:art group studio NOIV). 他們結合了2種類型。運動報導跟時尚照片。攝影鏡頭捕捉到的瞬間,傳達出細緻、精確的性格跟每個選手的氣質。也給觀者留下獨特的印象。

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7 Responses to RUS Gymnasts Photos Exhibition “Two Sides of Medal” is Open in GUM

  1. tashidale says:


  2. Added Chinese translation! translated by Zoe Wan

  3. Tatiana says:

    by the way GUM is department store, shopping center, it’s just by side of red square and it’s very very expensive 😀

  4. Tatiana says:

    haha I love one picture where man seems to be moving towards the pictures, like by magnet and not paying attention to his way: because you can see how plastic bag gets stretched between his hand and hand of little boy 😀

    And another one – 2 guys and one girl are watching picture, seems like guys saying to girl: “So.. can you do like that???”

  5. I really want to steal those beautiful posters and especially the Zhenya’s training photo with ribbon hahahaha 😀

  6. João Lucas says:

    They are most beautiful women that I’d never seen before. ♥

  7. *Edit on 21-Mar-2011
    As I said yesterday, now I posted the accurate English translation, Big Thanks to my dear friend Tatiana :)♥♥♥

    這些照片要是有賣就好了! 俄羅斯人真幸福有RG照片展可以看
    I envy Russian that they have such a nice RG photos exhibition!

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