Black Swan: I felt it,the perfect!

(Designed by Joao Lucas)
Finally,I watched this movie in theater last week. It’s a great movie, I love it!
And the performance of Natalie Portman was sooooo good, this movie wouldn’t be so brilliant without HER! No wonder I love her so much since she was still a little girl in “Leon: the Professional

I can understand when an artist pursues the “perfect” you have to pay a huge cost! and maybe you will hurt yourself seriously…maybe you have to give the whole your heart and your soul or the whole your life. After all, “perfect” means extreme, means maximum!

When I was watching this movie, watching the main role-Nina, I have been thinking about Zhenya. Zhenya has the similar situation…leading position in RUS RG national team, big pressure on her shoulder, and always pursues “perfection”. Watching the process of Nina’s collapse, just make me admire Zhenya more and more! It’s really incredible how Zhenya can cope with this big pressure so well for 3 years! Even her Mom Svetlana ever told me she don’t know why her daughter can manage the pressure so good. Surely Zhenya’s strong mind, strong will overcome all the hardships and frustrations.

Back to this movie, especially the last 20 mins till the end, I can’t breath! When the Black Swan showed up it’s like a big bomb wow! Natalie’s face, her performance so different and amazing! Powerful and Glamorous! But when she turned back to White Swan, the fragile, pale and miserable one, I felt a big pain, big sorrow…I almost burst to tears when the show ended. And I wanted to applaud for her! to give her a standing ovation!

Maybe the most of so called artists are a bit abnormal, but they bring out their inner world, sometime with big sacrifice. We should thank for that, because it makes our world, our life different! And it will cheer you to move on!

Zhenya mentioned not only once she is a maximalist! I love to see her pursuing the perfection non stop! even she will get hurts, I am sure she will get up and move on to reach the Top. Can she finally feel it? the perfect? I think it’s not the most important, the process of pursuing perfection has been a wonderful journey for her and a precious experience for our fans!

P.S. Sorry for my poor English!

(Photos by Tom Theobald @GP Holon 2011, Many Thanks!)


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4 Responses to Black Swan: I felt it,the perfect!

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    This is catts’ comment for this movie (I got his permission to post here), “I have watched ‘Black Swan’. It is rather difficult for me to make a comment but there is no doubt Natalie Portman acted excellently. In short, I certainly agree that everyone possesses both good and evil in his/her being. So, we are all like Nina in the film.”

    BTW, Zhenya also like Natalie Portman :D, I ever left a comment to one of her avatar (it’s a photo of Natalie’s newest movie), “good! I love Natalie Portman<333 I am her fan since long time ago :-)" Zhenya read it and click "like" 🙂 ♥♥♥

  2. Ana says:

    Yes I agree Zhenya is stronger than Natalie´s character.

    I´m glad you loved the movi Zoe, I also loved it! 😀

  3. João Lucas Nunes says:

    You know, I always love evertthing that you say, Zoe!Again, you made one perfect work, I think the same, so… I enjoyed very much. Zhenya is one stroger person, so I believe in her stronger mind. Loved it, my friend. ❤

  4. Actually I sometimes thought Natalie Portman and Zhenya are a bit similar, not only their appearance, it’s more about their personal qualities. They both look smart, deep thought and have strong will. Moreover they both have sharp eyes, that’s what I love! Ohhh and one more thing, I found they both look beautiful without make-up 🙂

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