Picture of the Day: Zhenya the Little Bunny XD ♥ (gif)

This is toooo cuuuuuuuuute, I can’t help to watch it over and over again!!! And it match the nickname “Little Bunny” that we gave Zhenya 🙂 ♥ It looks like she knew this nickname then to imitate the little bunny。(I am sure she knew it !!! :)) So I make that clip to a gif file, Here you are:

I show this to Fannie and she said: “she is so professional even when she is playing with her apparatus!!!” “But this is really cute, should she consider to add this to her routine !!!”
And I reply: “Great idea!!!! I will suggest it to Svetlana !!! XD”
每日一圖: Zhenya 小兔寶 XD ♥ (gif)

這真的太可愛了,我看了好多遍。。。而且這動作完全吻合我們幫她取的小名”小兔寶”。彷彿她知道,然後自己學一下兔子玩 (我確定她是知道滴 XD)。所以我把這段影片做成gif。

我 show給貓看,她說: “她连玩都玩得这么有专业水准………………………………”不过真的好可爱啊!!!她要不要考虑加到成套里啊!!!!!” 我回說: “!!!!!!!!!!!! 好主意 馬上去跟小兔媽媽建議!!!!!!! XD” gif 請看上圖。

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3 Responses to Picture of the Day: Zhenya the Little Bunny XD ♥ (gif)

  1. Stella says:


  2. João Lucas says:

    ohhh Svetlana is so sweet, Zhenya is one lucky girl ♥ Blessed by God

  3. :)))))) I sent this gif file to Zhenya’s Mom-Svetlana few days ago, Today I got her reply: “Haha, Zoe, you are soooo great!!!! O love the GIF file!!!! You made my day))))))))) Thank you and Joao))))You are a very kind person) And yeah))))) that’s the beginning of a routine kind of like: “look!! I am all ears)))) ” XDDD Svetlana is soooooo cute too just like Zhenya ♥♥♥
    and in the end of her letter she wrote: “Best wishes from all my family, Zhenya’s Granny and Egor) Love from Omsk angel
    This is the first time that Zhenya’s brother show up in her letter 🙂

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