written by Alyona

The opinion that Matryoshka is an originally Russian ancient toy is unfortunately only a myth. The first Russian Matryoshka was made and painted at one of the Moscow workshops in the end of XIX century according to the sample brought from Japan.  The Japanese sample, which was made with a good sense of humor, represented several figures of Japanese wise man Fukuruma which were placed into each other.
The first Russian Matryoshka represented a group of children: eight dolls depicted children of different ages – from a teenage girl with a cock in her hands to a baby in diapers’. 
First Matryoshkas were very expensive, therefore they gained more popularity among grown ups rather than children. Usually, Matryoshka represented Russian girls and women in traditional sun dresses and wearing scarves, with a basket of flowers or a loaf of bread in their hands. In the beginning of the XX century Matryoshka became very popular abroad as a souvenir from Russia, especially in Germany and France.
Nowadays the most popular and the best known is Matryoshka made of five dolls. However, you can also find one, consisting of three, seven, eight or fifteen dolls. And this is not the limit – in 1913 there was made a doll consisting of 48 parts.

You can try to paint your own doll using different ornaments – Chinese, Arabic or Northern ones. Though it is very hard and time consuming, you can be sure that your Matryoshka is the only one in the whole world.

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Note by WanWan: By the way, according to "Julian calendar" today is "Old New Year" @Russia。
Happy New Year to Zhenya, Shtelbaums, Zhenya’s Mom-Svetlana, Zhenya’s Granny and Zhenya’s Brother <333
Happy New Year to EVERY ONE!!!

First Russian Matryoshka

Matryoshka of 32 dolls


written by Alyona,Chinese translated by Zoe Wan

現在大眾認知且最受歡迎的俄羅斯娃娃是5個一組。但還是可以找到3個、7個、8個或者15個娃娃一組的。而且娃娃的數量沒有限制 (極限)。1913年時,曾出現一組包含48個形象的俄羅斯娃娃。

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Remark: 中譯裡的那張照片是我房間裡的一組俄羅斯娃娃,是在日本京都買的,招財貓。所以叫它 "俄羅斯娃娃" 好像也不對,呵呵。
the photo in this section is my Matryoshka doll in my room which I bought in Kyoto,Japan。
It’s "The Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat)"。So called it "my Matryoshka doll" seems not right。
& 根據東正教"儒略曆",今天是俄羅斯的舊新年。
祝 Zhenya、教練S奶奶、小兔媽媽-Svetlana、小兔外婆跟小兔哥哥跟-新年快樂!!!
也祝大家新年快樂 !!!

Fukuruma doll/福祿壽娃娃

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  1. Wan and catts says:

    By the way, according to Julian calendar today is "Old New Year" @Russia。Happy New Year to Zhenya, Shtelbaums, Zhenya\’s Mom-Svetlana, Zhenya\’s Granny and Zhenya\’s Brother <333Happy New Year to EVERY ONE!!!根據東正教儒略曆,今天是俄羅斯的舊新年。祝 Zhenya、教練S奶奶、小兔媽媽-Svetlana、小兔外婆跟小兔哥哥-新年快樂!!!也祝大家新年快樂 !!!

  2. Wan and catts says:

    I have a doll of five (the photo in chinese translation section),I bought this doll @Kyoto, Japapn。It\’s "The Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat)"。I have the same thought with Alyona,I also wish to have unpainted one to make my own Matryoshka doll.中譯裡那張照片是我房間裡的俄羅斯娃娃,在日本京都買的,招財貓。我跟Alyona一樣也希望能自己彩繪一組俄羅斯娃娃。and added Chinese translation/ 文章補上中譯。

  3. alyona says:

    I also used to play with Matryoshka when I was a child. I had a doll of seven. I used to create different stories about the members of Matryoshka Family))))). That was very interesting! Now I wish to have unpainted one to create the image of Matryoshka myself))). Indeed it is a very good souvenir to bring from Russia.

  4. Michel says:

    As already written, the Matryoshka is well known / popular here in Germany. Often, the doll in Germany is also called "Babuschka". The word comes from the Russian and means grandmother.Of course *g*, there are at my home also somewhere a Matryoshka (five or seven dolls) from my mother. I don\’t know where the doll is, I haven\’t seen for a long time. Someday I must search…

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