Finally sent out our greeting gifts,THANKS EVERYONE!

Yesterday I finally sent out our greeting gifts-a very big parcel via EMS express,in normal condition it will take 5-7 days to arrive Moscow,but now is Christmas season,so may be will take longer。Zhenya will celebrate New Year at OMSK,and come back to Novogorsk for new routines’ training on beginning of January。So she will get this big parcel when she come back to Novogorsk。

Sorry for the late,because there were many other things coming up and I need to manage everything。Big Big thanks to RC for helping me a lot on this project! designed many beautiful letter papers。

This parcel is sooooo BIG is because there is a big amazing Mosaic poster designed by a Zhenya fan,really excellent,spectacular and incredible art work! Zhenya definitely will be very surprised when she saw this poster。But sorry I can’t share the photo of this poster,I need to keep it in secret for that girl。

As to the photo of this big parcel and the detailed inside photos ,again sorry I can’t post it publicly,I only share it with those people who joined this project。

Thank you again, I am very happy now. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!! 


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9 Responses to Finally sent out our greeting gifts,THANKS EVERYONE!

  1. SUMI says:

    oh, I should have participated in your project!! Actually, I was really busy at that time, so i coulnd\’t do regretful!! Anyway, I envy you!!^^ Thank you for your sharing all about Kanaeva! ^^

  2. Chunqing says:

    Liting, Thanks for your sharing. It\’s not a kind of stupid or funny thing. It\’s a narrow focus state, at that moment your mind totally focused on Zhenya and the envelope, you just missed the simple logic.

  3. Wan and catts says:


  4. Wan and catts says:

    @Michel, Thank you! Wow!!! your photo soooo cute ^-^@兔子, 這次要很感謝你啊! 有你隨時可以商量, 做起來安心許多呢 :)@晨, 謝謝你的祝賀~~

  5. RC says:


  6. says:


  7. Wan and catts says:

    Alyona, thanks for your thanks ^-^ YA WE DID IT! GIVE ME FIVE! HAHAHA。

  8. alyona says:

    Thank you very much, WanWan, for making the organization of this wonderful Christmas action for Zhenya. I am sure she will appreciate our efforts and it will definetely light up her face with a smile 🙂 WE DID IT!

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