Judges give Evgenia Kanaeva a standing ovation…


This interview was taken in Omsk after Gorenkova Memorial Cup,published on 16.Dec.2009。
Original written in Russian,English text was translated and edited by Alyona。
Many thanks to Alyona’s big effort on this!
here you are,enjoy your read……..

Evgenia Kanaeva has finished her “golden” 2009 season with one more victory. At present, she is the best gymnast on planet Earth. However, a 19-year old gymnast is afraid of feeling herself the best one.

– This year Zhenya has won all the events she took part in, – tells us her coach Vera Shtelbaums. – Even Alina Kabaeva didn’t have this tremendous success. European Championship, World Games in Taiwan, numerous events of World Cup and Grand Prix, World Championship… It is hard to name all. Each time she won gold. Usually after the Olympic Games a sportsman goes through recession. But we managed to overcome this difficult period successfully. In fact, it is easy to win but it is very difficult to remain at the same level. We are the champions only when we stay at the podium. As soon as we step down, we find ourselves at the same level with other sportsmen. That’s why when a season is finished we need to start preparing for the next one at once.

The next season is going to start very soon – in January 2010. Zhenya has a bit more than one month to prepare a new program. Now the gymnast came to Omsk not only to practice but also to celebrate the New Year. She told us about her victories, idols and being capricious after a splendid victory at Galina Gorenkova Memorial Cup, which recently took place in our city.

– Zhenya, aren’t you tired of so many victories? You don’t give any chance to any other gymnasts…
– Of course, I am not! How can someone get tired of winning? On the contrary, I get happy with each medal. However, I don’t know how many medals I got during my sports career. Now I am tired of one thing – morally of competing and physically of practicing. What concerns other competitors, gymnastics is such kind of sports where we don’t show rivalry. Gymnasts always help each other.

Audience’s support
– What was the most difficult during this golden season?

– The beginning of the year. We started to practice a new program with my coach and I couldn’t manage something, so I behaved a little capricious… But then everything went well.

– Do judges pay special attention to you? Maybe they are looking for mistakes in your programs more thoroughly?
– You know, I think that they already wait for a new gymnast to take my place (laughs). Maybe that’s why they don’t feel at ease. However, before the competitions the judges always look carefully for mistakes, reduce the score; if there are no mistakes they come to me and say: “Well done!” In Portugal after the Rope final the judges gave me a standing ovation. That was it! I also feel support of the audience at each event.

– After which event did you feel that all the difficulties are left behind?
– It never happened to me. Actually at each competition I made mistakes, the audience may not always notice them, but we know that they exist. There is no peak of perfection. That is why despite of all the victories you always have to improve and learn a lot.

– Many sportsmen explain their failures by the climate conditions of the country they compete in. Judging by you, you feel comfortable everywhere.
– Well, it is difficult for everyone. For example, in Japan during National Team practice session we couldn’t sleep; we went to bed at 5 a.m. and had to wake up at 7 a.m. Although we were in Japan for twelve times and we like to perform there – there are wonderful facilities for practicing, nice halls and people… Everything is fine; the only bad thing is lack of sleep.

I am from Omsk!
– You are a perfect example for young gymnasts. Were you following the example of anyone? Did you have any idol in your childhood?

– There are no ideal people either in life or in sprots. Everyone has some weak points. But there are people who can serve as an example. I had such an example in front of my eyes when I practiced in one gym with Irina Tchashina. Not every athlete has such luck. But I never tried to follow her; I wanted to learn things I couldn’t do. For example, Irina has great leaps and I am not very good at it. When I came to Novogorsk, there were Vera Sessina, Alina Kabaeva and Olga Kapranova… They also did some unique things, so I always had someone to learn from.

– Soon there will be a new Palace of Rhythmic Gymnastics built in Omsk. How do you – Olympic Champion Evgenia Kanaeva – picture it?
– I would like to see it with many carpets, with a big competition hall to be able to host the largest international events. I wish to see here the leaders of rhythmic gymnastics. I also wish to host here National Championships and maybe even World Cup.

– Do you feel yourself a Moscow resident?
– How can I feel myself a Moscow resident if I was born in Omsk? (Laughs) I was born here, my family lives here. The only thing which connects me with Moscow is practice. I don’t know if once I move to Moscow forever. In Omsk I have a new apartment, I have just moved in. I will celebrate the New Year in Omsk.

– Now you are the best gymnast in the world. Do you feel it?
– This moment hasn’t come yet. At present I am afraid of feeling myself the best.

裁判向Evgenia Kanaeva起立鼓掌
Chinese translated by Zoe Wan
俄文原文: http://omsk.aif.ru/issues/504/21_02
這篇文章發表於20091216,是ZhenyaOMSK- Gorenkova Memorial Cup 比賽之後做的訪問。

Evgenia Kanaeva結束了她今年的黃金賽季,賽季結束前她又多加了一場勝利。她是當今世上最好的韻律體操選手。然而,這位19歲的體操選手卻害怕覺得自己是最好的。

今年 Zhenya 贏了所有她參與的比賽,她的教練Vera Shtelbaums說。即使是Alina Kabaeva也沒有這樣巨大的成功。歐洲錦標賽、台灣的世運、眾多的世界杯分站賽跟大獎賽,以及世界錦標賽很難一一列出所有比賽。每一次她都拿到金牌。通常奧運過後,運動員會開始走下坡,但是我們成功地渡過這個難關。實際上,贏是容易的,但要保持在相同水準很難。只有當我們站在頒獎台上時,我們才是冠軍。一旦我們走下頒獎台,就會發現我們跟其他選手是處於同樣的水平。這就是為什麼賽季一結束我們就得馬上開始為下一季做準備。

下個賽季很快就要展開– 20101月就開始。Zhenya有一個月多一點的時間準備新的成套。現在Zhenya回到OMSK,除了練習也為了慶祝新年。在最近舉行的Galina Gorenkova Memorial Cup華麗的勝利之後,她告訴我們關於她的勝利,她的偶像以及她的變化無常。

– Zhenya,對於這麼多的優勝,你不會感到厭倦嗎? 你都不給其他選手機會
我當然不會! 怎麼會有人對勝利感到厭倦? 相反的,對於每一面獎牌我都感到高興。然而我不知道我的運動生涯至今贏了多少面獎牌。現在我對一件事情感到厭倦義務性的比賽跟訓練GZZZ。 至於其他的競爭對手,在體操裡相互間不會有對抗,選手們都會互相幫助。


裁判是否特別留意你? 也許她們對你在成套裡的犯錯誤看的更仔細?
你知道,我想她們已經在等待另一個新的選手取代我的位子 ()。也許這是為什麼她們無法放心。然而,比賽前,裁判總是對錯誤看的很仔細,進行扣分; 如果沒有失誤,她們會跟我說: “做得好!” 今年在葡萄牙世界杯 (WC Portimao),繩的單項決賽後,裁判們向我起立鼓掌。就是這樣! 每一個比賽我也都感受到觀眾的支持。


嗯,這對每個人都很難吧。譬如在日本,當國家隊練習的期間,我們不能睡覺; 我們早上五點才就寢,但是七點就得起床。雖然我們到日本12次了,而且我們喜歡到那裡表演那裡有很好的練習設備,很棒的場地跟人每件事都很好; 唯一不好的就是睡眠不足。

你是年輕體操選手們的絕佳典範。你自己有視誰為你的榜樣嗎? 你小時候有偶像嗎?
不管在生活中還是運動領域都沒有完美的人。每個人都會有一些弱點。但總是有人可以作為你的榜樣。當我跟Irina Tchachina在同一個體育館一起訓練時,這樣的人就在我眼前。不是每個選手都能這麼幸運。但我從未試圖去模仿她; 我想學我不會做的事。例如: Irina具有非常傑出的跳躍而我就不是很好。當我到Novogorsk,那裡有Vera Sessina, Alina Kabaeva Olga Kapranova…她們都各有獨特的地方,所以我總是有學習的對象。

很快地,OMSK將會建一個很豪華的韻律體操館。在你奧運冠軍 Evgenia Kanaeva的心中那是怎樣的一幅景象?

我在OMSK出生的,我又怎會覺得自己是莫斯科的居民? () 我在這裡出生,我的家人住在這裡。我跟莫斯科唯一的聯繫就是訓練。我不知道我是否會搬到莫斯科永遠留在那。在OMSK,我有間新的公寓,我才剛搬進去。我會在OMSK慶祝新年。


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6 Responses to Judges give Evgenia Kanaeva a standing ovation…

  1. Wan and catts says:

    Added Chinese translation!中文翻譯又一篇 ! :)BTW, seems the original russian link was removed俄文的原文網址已經被移除了。

  2. Laura says:

    I love this interview. I think she is very sincere!

  3. Wan and catts says:

    I love when Zhenya answered to the reporter: "How can I feel myself a Moscow resident if I was born in Omsk? (Laughs) I was born here. The only thing which connects me with Moscow is practice." Love her attitude toward this question.

  4. alyona says:

    You are always welcome, Zoe! I also wish Zhenya good health and strength in New Year! I am sure she will make us happy again and again. And we will be proud of her as always!

  5. Wan and catts says:

    恩 謝兔子, 我也希望…希望WC跟OG都衛冕~~。雖然有人會覺得她贏太多贏夠了。不過能創造紀錄也是件迷人的事。again, Big thanks to Alyona!and even Zhenya also got tired of practicing, really a crazy year for her. so it\’s normal she will get tired. anyway, the new year is coming, hopefully everything is fine for her-health, training, new routines and competitions.

  6. RC says:


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