A few words for Kanaeva … during a moment of inspiration by Fanny Wang

Art designed by Joao Lucas

Originally written in Chinese by Fanny Wang, published on 5 October 2009. English text is translated and edited by catts.

For a long time I have wanted to write about her or make a montage for her. However, sometimes I am afraid that I may hinder the blessing raining upon this lady. Today, I can hold no longer.

She is a girl belongs to the 1990s. Besides, she is a girl who bears a style which is not exactly my preference.

In a way, I have witnessed her growth. At the beginning, she was like a continuation of Ira’s soul on the carpet. It is notable that her trainer has used up all her experience and determination to train her. The same standard elements – if executed by her – appear to be more than accurate; and similarly strong apparatus handling skill – she has proved to be even more solid. However, in the end, she is not Ira. Ira is a beautiful lady who could touch the deepest emotion of our hearts. Kanaeva – this lady is like the sun!

She is a child who has dedicated her life to RG. She trains hard to the extent that requires the spraying of water onto the body to cool down. Seeing her work with the ball, the details involve the use of every joint of her toes. During this years’ WC, I was shocked when I heard that the ribbon got tangled with her body. Many scenes of previous gymnasts’ struggles appeared on my mind … When I watched the video clip, my shock was beyond measure … while she performed her elements, the toggle actually happened beyond her eye vision. Yet, her way of resolving it was to simply follow the flow of the ribbon without unknotting anything. What extraordinary skill and familiarity of the apparatus are required to do this?!

In mid-2008 she had become the main force of the Russian national team. With the tremendous improvement on her performance, the pressure on her shoulders has become heavier and heavier. However, her mental strength has also grown stronger and stronger. Before the OG, she had few international trophies. At the OG, at the age of 18, she handled the pressure well and won the gold medal. By what? Besides her talents, hard work and trainer, there is nothing else. Don’t criticize her simply because she is Russian. She was completely without any backstage ‘mafia’ support.

I was frightened at this years’ WC. In the end … although extremely exhausted, she survived. I think she does not realize how many tears she has wiped away from other people’s hearts. I have witnessed a beautiful lady being pressed down, and then a new beauty rose up, but afterwards replaced by another. Year after year, there have been only regrets and scars on the old pictures. Lipa, Yana, Popova, Alex, Belova, Tamara, Simona, Zarina, Ira, Putin, Kostar, Peskicheva, Gaynova, Shpekht … I frequently had a feeling that
her name will be next on the list. Just as when I held no hope, she made me acknowledge the reality of a miracle. A curse has been broken … simply by the most ordinary and beautiful thing.

I believe she will continually surprise us. RG is like this, a gymnast’ deepest beauty is in her soul. After such WC, Kanaeva, keep it up!

Perhaps next time when she wins again, it will be an even harder victory. Whether she will cry or smile, it will be legendary in people’s memory. Talk about legend, she already is.

I have a request: whoever will go and see her, please give her a bag of ‘White Rabbit Creamy Candy ’ on my behalf XDDD

Note by Fanny Wang: White Rabbit Creamy Candy is a traditional Chinese Candy that you can’t miss during festivals. It carries delicious scent of milky sweetness, which reminds me of Zhenya’s smile – mild, but firm. Then, Zhenya looks like a bunny sometimes(Her coach massages her ears as if she is one, and her ‘V’shaped hand gesture too), this goes with the name of the Candy. ^^

massages ears photo↓,shooted by RC, EC Torino 2008


突然想说点话给卡娜 by 貓

因為貓寫的太棒了,無法讓不懂中文的人欣賞很可惜,所以我商請 catts翻成英文,他很強大啊,2個很難的語言-俄文跟中文都懂,實在令人羨慕。

catts真的非常厲害,他的英譯幾乎原汁原味了,給他大力鼓掌!Bravo 貓 & catts!

備註: 原文這一句 “谁要去见她,替我捎包大白兔奶糖XDDD” 大白兔奶糖的介紹請看以下網址: http://baike.baidu.com/view/302045.htm?fr=ala0
這種糖果很甜,很Sweet~~所以才說要送Zhenya,因為感覺是很Zhenya的糖果。(呵 這是貓告訴我的 XDD) and Zhenya就像個兔子寶寶 (比V手勢很像兔子,S奶奶幫她按摩耳朵又像在拎小兔耳朵),剛好很配糖果的名字。

拎小兔耳朵照片, RC兔拍攝-EC Torino 2008


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  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    哈哈 我又宣傳這篇文章了~~

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  5. Wan and catts says:

    To: 貓大謝 貓 的英文註釋 "大白兔奶糖",超完美啊~~To: 兔兔謝謝你送我的EC Torino 拎小兔耳朵照片,讓中英文解釋更完美 XDD。我這一兩天應該會做個 "拎小兔耳朵照片+影片專輯" 哈

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    heheh 感謝 兔兔再次很迅速的沙發

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